为新的工作形态推进你的人才战略. Start with an assessment of your organisation’s talent and leadership teams’ current skills to gain an understanding of the gaps you need to bridge in building your workforce of the future.

Use an evidence-based approach to address your unique challenges while supporting a positive employee experience. 


  • 我们如何理解当今人才的技能组合?
  • 我们未来需要什么样的角色,这些角色需要什么样的技能?
  • 差距在哪里,我们如何填补它们?
  • 我们如何确保我们的人才战略是可持续的和面向未来的?
  • 培养、购买或借用人才的最有效方式是什么?
  • 我们如何识别和留住高潜力人才?
  • 我们如何帮助我们的人才在他们的职业发展中感受到支持?
  • 我们如何利用数据为我们的人才储备做出决策?
  • 我们如何判断我们的管理者是否具有包容性的领导风格?
  • 我们如何建立一种反馈文化来支持绩效管理?


当人才稀缺时, 人的发展, upskilling and reskilling become the keys to organisational competitiveness and sustainability. Upskilling, reskilling and flexibly deploying skills are only possible if jobs are deconstructed into skills. 技能是新的工作货币. 技能灵活性提供业务弹性和敏捷性.

美世’s talent assessment solutions evaluate the current state of your internal labour market and quantify the talent gaps needed to future-proof the business. Mapping and analysis can help you focus on critical populations to answer essential 问题 about the potential for talent supply and demand in your organisation. Future projections can then model how specific initiatives may be able to support your goals.

We can help an organisation deliver on their reskilling strategies and investments by reflecting them in the broader talent management strategy, 包括学习和发展, 绩效管理, 全面奖励实践包括按技能付费和按发展付费的创新.

随着组织追求劳动力转型, they are constantly looking for talent that can adapt to the rapid changes in the skills they demand while anticipating and planning for the skills they will need as they transform. 


改变就在这里. 考虑人工智能和自动化, 全球化, the gig economy and multiple generations working together and the impact on your organisation. 你将如何适应这种变化?


of companies have significant skills shortages despite 91% of employees reporting learning a new skill in the last year.

1 in 3

executives says the pandemic helped them realise that knowing what skills they have in their workforce improves their agility. 


of HR leaders are prioritising improving their workforce planning to better inform buy/build/borrow talent strategies


Not all performance assessment or potential assessment solutions have the complexity you need or are available from the same provider. 合成结果可能需要更多的手工工作, 造成额外的风险以及数据中的盲点. 美世的绩效管理和人才评估解决方案提供:
  • 根据组织需求找到合适人才的工具
  • 根据关键技能准确、一致地监控员工的工具
  • 咨询以支持有意义的长期人力战略
  • Tools to assess leadership readiness for 高潜力的识别 and succession-planning initiatives
  • 为大规模人才发展计划和目标投资提供信息的工具
  • 了解你的经理和领导的包容性的工具
  • Tools to build individual development plans to support talent self-awareness and guide development
  • Open discussions with consultants to improve participants’ self-awareness and guide their development 
  • Tools to promote the culture of feedback to improve awareness and integrate different perspectives

美世| Mettl:一体化人才评估解决方案

美世美世是我们的专利, 基于云的人才评估平台,用于招聘和技能开发. This robust performance platform is tailored to your organisation and includes holistic evaluations based on psychometric assessments (personality, 行为, cognitive and aptitude) and technical assessments (IT and non-IT skills and digital readiness) as well as stringent information security. 美世 | Mettl is also a reliable platform that supports the multi- rater or 360° feedback process. 这个平台迎合了广泛的经验水平和招聘方式:

  • 构建一个量身定制的评估组合.
  • 选择从各种问题格式和编码模拟器.
  • 为可扩展的解决方案利用100多万个问题.
  • 使用自定义报表模板来获取所需的数据.
  • 为技能差距分析发现各种量身定制的解决方案, 高潜力的识别, 接班人计划, 领导力发展和培训效果.

美世 | Mettl是一个高容量平台, 支持27+语言, 并通过了ISO27001和ISO9001认证.













美世提出了一种战略性的综合评估方法. This means considering the different phases of the talent management strategy and integrating them in a continuous iteration process that places people at the centre in relation to business needs and corporate strategies. This process feeds the pipeline for current and future critical skills and roles and directs resources toward targeted growth, 让你带领公司走向成功.

我们利用数据和分析来衡量个人和组织的成功. 我们的战略和综合方针包括四个主要步骤:

开始 发现 形状 开车
阶段: 设想并阐明技能的未来愿景 阶段: 通过研究见解和基准了解当前状态  阶段: Create bold solutions with measurable outcomes toward the future state skill vision 阶段: Deliver sustainable results and bake the skill transformation into the fabric of the organisation
专注: What's the real business challenge we're trying to solve with this shift – from an employer and an employee perspective? 专注: Where is the work going right and wrong from a productivity and an employee experience perspective? 专注: What changes to work will simultaneously improve productivity and the employee experience of work? 专注: 我们如何创造一种高效、有吸引力和可持续的工作方式?


  • 人才市场

    Unlock skills and build future capacity by understanding what employees can do now and what they can do in the future with targeted development. A talent marketplace platform will match them to business needs at scale and speed.
  • 技能型人才战略

    美世Skills-Edge Suite提供咨询服务, technology and data to give you the insight to advance skills-based talent and pay practices across your company.
  • 人力资源培训(美世学习)

    Equip your employees with e-learning courses and virtual workshops that will help them command the future. 或者创建一个针对你的人才需求的定制系列.
  • 美世| Mettl测评平台

    Choose the right customised or off-the-shelf psychometric and skill assessment tool on a self-administration platform. The platform allows you to assess technical and soft skills in all functional areas, IT, 销售, HR, 等.