Unlock future growth through transformation

我们以人为中心, evidenced-based approach to transformation unlocks future growth by helping companies reimagine how they work and how their employees experience work.

Reshaping work and people experiences

转换 is not a one-time event. 实现大胆, systemic change requires investing in your people to drive long-term, sustainable growth that realises returns in multiple dimensions — financial, 操作和人性化. 

There are a number of challenges organisations can encounter on their journey:

  • Redesigning work to achieve an optimal combination of people and automation
  • Implementing strategic workforce planning best practice that delivers value to the business
  • Overcoming deficiencies in workforce capability and future skills
  • Applying new ways of working — 支持ing flexibility for the business and the individual

We enable companies to unlock future growth by helping them reimagine how they work and how their people experience work. Our approach to strategic workforce planning is people-centric and evidenced-based. Based on world-class thought leadership and practical experience, we will help you build solutions that add value, eliminate friction and engage your workforce.

We will underpin your on-going transformation with our proven 变更管理 支持. This will enable you to understand, acknowledge and address the varying needs of your managers and employees. In turn, this will drive greater commitment and adoption.

Our workforce and organisation transformation solutions

Our robust workforce and organisation transformation solutions cover the following issues (and are designed to deliver the following benefits):
  • 文化

    Align transformation efforts with strategic purpose to build a more inclusive, diverse and equitable environment, 提高参与度, 生产力和留存率.
  • 多样性、公平和包容

    Design and implement a comprehensive strategy that ensures equality of opportunity, 经验与奖励.
  • 灵活的工作

    Drive effective collaboration through business and workforce models that facilitate flexible working strategies — catering to the needs of all employees, whatever stage of life they are at.
  • 人才市场

    Grow a future-ready workforce and agile organisation by deploying talent in a way that best matches the supply of and demand for skills. 
  • 组织设计

    从传统的, multi-layered structure into an innovative, agile and distributed organisation.
  • 薪酬公平

    Assess and remove pay inequities and their causes, and so reduce risk. Establish pay equity as a pillar that 支持s broader diversity, inclusion and social justice initiatives.
  • 人的策略

    创建一个集成的, impactful and investable people strategy by anchoring it to your business goals. Differentiate your strategic priorities with reference to critical talent segments.
  • 工作设计

    Capitalise on digitalisation and the democratisation of work by optimising the combination of people and automation. Benefit from the opportunity to connect talent to work through a variety of digital and other means.
  • Workforce strategy and analytics

    Identify workforce attributes and practices that best serve your business objectives. Set strategy to meet future workforce demands. Optimise impact and accelerate change.

Embrace change: It's here to stay

In a time of extraordinary change, organisations need to keep up with new challenges and ways of working. Discover how effective 变更管理 helps transform the unsettling to something that feels more routine and natural.



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